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Bring your own chair to Thomas Plaza (W. 2nd & Thomas, Downtown Pomona) this Friday evening and enjoy a classic comedy starring Mae West and W.C. Fields. This movie was filmed in 1931 and it's a riot! Do you suppose it was shown at the Fox ?

An astute viewer of this blog (Mr. J.C.) has noticed an error in the release date of this movie. It was 1940, not 1931. It is still a riot!
A Mae West blogger posted the following:

Mae West: Getting Fresh Free
Pomona, California does not have a moviehouse but that does not stop the metro area from saluting MAE WEST and W.C. Fields, who will be getting freshly aired on July 17th. • • Annually, the stars come out in Pomona — — as part of their wonderful Fresh Air Flick Summer Schedule.• • Each Friday evening, fondly regarded motion pictures are screened for free al fresco style.• • Movie-lovers will enjoy "My Little Chickadee" next Friday evening on a funky inflatable outdoor screen set up downtown at Thomas Street Plaza.• • Bring a chair, pack some popcorn, and head over to Thomas Plaza in downtown Pomona at the junction of West 2nd Street and Thomas Street. After you enjoy this 1940 cinema classic, pick up a schedule to see what else will be screened through July and August. The final flicker will be "Cool Hand Luke" on 4 September 2009.• • The genesis of "My Little Chickadee" was jump-started at the end of May 1939. Mae West had returned to Hollywood after touring with her play about Catherine the Great and began negotiating with Universal Studios to co-star with another comedian. Aware of the former vaudevillian's reputation for drinking, Mae hesitated. Universal upped the game by offering her $300,000 for the film, the script, and a promise that anytime Fields was intoxicated, he would be banned from the set. The first time Fields drunkenly stumbled into the studio, Mae shouted, "Pour him out of here!" Very quickly, everybody knew she meant business.• • Come up and see Mae every day online:

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Blogger John Clifford said...


According to (the ultimate source for this type of thing), Chickadee was released in 1940. Hopefully it didn't sit on the shelf for 9 years :-)

I just don't have time before Friday to look it up in the old Progs up at the Ebell, but it very well may have played at the Fox. We do know that West's Belle of the Nineties played there in 1934.

July 15, 2009 at 4:57 PM  

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