Sunday, May 31, 2009

In Support of the DPOA

As most of you probably know by now, there is a bit of a debate going on as to whether the DPOA should be allowed to continue revitalizing downtown Pomona, or as we like to call it, "Metro Pomona". A very prominent downtown businessman and advocate of all that is good in downtown summed it best when he sent downtowners an email and asked us to spread the word. Here is that message:


I assume by now everyone has read the “Point of View” article by David Armstrong in today’s Daily Bulletin. On the surface David makes a strong point (as I read it) and undoubtedly it will succeed in swaying many people. His timing for this article is also well thought out, making it difficult for a timely reply and rebuttal. 

He makes it sound as if the majority in the DPOA is against its renewal, and that the poor property owners are saddled with all of this expense, he fails to mention that in most instances these costs are passed on to the property owners tenants, who I do believe are pleased to pay it, (I know that I am) because of the “obvious benefits” they do receive! I can only assume that the City where possible, passes these expenses on as well? I’m not sure about this; hopefully someone in the know can confirm it? I do believe that these monies which the City pays into the DPOA/PBID do not come from the general fund, so our tax- paying public is not footing the bill for the downtown.

His tricky wording makes it sound as if the entire city is being assessed to benefit only the downtown. He should be a politician—what a smoke screen. I can only guess of course, but he’s probably trying to mass public outcry at the next council meeting to intimidate our leaders into backing out of the PBID. 

A. Ashley wrote an excellent article in yesterday’s daily bulletin concerning the DPOA I encourage all to go on line and read it.

I believe the best way to counter this, is for everyone who feels (as I do) that the DPOA/PBID is the best thing that has ever happened to downtown Pomona, must stand up and be counted. There are two ways to approach this. 
The first is to launch an immediate letter and e-mail campaign to the Daily Bulletin (Blog the editors) voicing your support for the DPOA/PBID and pointing out, where appropriate and factual any erroneous or distorted items in the Point of View article in today’s paper.

The second is to contact your City Council person, and in addition, come to the Pomona City Council meeting on Monday, June 1, to voice your support for the DPOA/PBID. 

I cannot express how important this is to the entire City of Pomona. The Downtown area is the “Front Yard” of our City! Look at our history…. What happens in the Downtown, so goes the rest of the City! Think of the Downtown as the hub of a wagon wheel, if that hub is weak and broken it affects the spokes which cannot support the rim and the entire wheel will collapse. If on the other hand that hub is in sound working order, then it in turn radiates through the spokes to eventually strengthen the rim.
Thanks in advance for your immediate action on this matter,

George Cuttress

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