Friday, April 16, 2010


As an observer of people it is always interesting to compare crowds in the downtown to the venues they come to see. Take last night as an example. There were major "events" happening at the same time at different locations. The Glasshouse featured She and Him, the Fox featured , The Pavement, the DBA256 hosted a political campaign rally, and various other venues did a brisk business with bands, comedians, and karaoke participants, all prepared to entertain the masses. The crowds came, lined up, and hunkered down for a long and slow moving shuffle to the entrance of their venue where, at last, they cleared security and were allowed to enter. It's assumed that they enjoyed the rest of the evening. Hundreds, if not thousands of people waited patiently for their turn to pay the price of admission and join in the fun. Some of the lucky ones, or maybe smarter ones, took advantage of at least three different watering holes waiting for the lines to diminish. The Drink at the Fox, DBA256, and Acerogami Bar were all packed with revelers. People from all walks of life came; politicians, carpenters, accountants, teenagers, doctors, executives, and more. They visited amongst themselves, made new acquaintances, shared email and cell numbers and generally networked.
Taking in the scene one noticed well behaved, orderly crowds, enjoying the evening...Now that's what makes downtown Pomona a truly enjoyable experience.


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