Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The Downtown Pomona Owners Association (D.P.O.A.) is calling all artists who live or work in the city of Pomona to create original artwork for Pomona’s banner program. The program will print original artwork on banners that will be placed throughout Second Street, Main Street, Fourth Street, Thomas Street and Garey Avenue. Placement of the banners is at the discretion of the City of Pomona and the D.P.O.A. The banners will be changed-out tri-annually (three times a year) and are based on three themes total with corresponding months. The first theme is:

Patriotic, Summer, Festivals for June - August

The banner themes are comprised of three topics listed within the

parenthesis. This means three different banner designs per theme, a total of nine banner designs for the year. Changing out the banners tri-annually will keep the banners in better condition, allow for visual diversity as well as give more artists the opportunity to participate in this program. Themes #2 and #3 will be announced at a later date. Artists may submit up to 3 pieces of artwork/designs if inclined to take on all three topics, but is not necessary.

This is a great opportunity for local community artist’s work to be viewed by the public in and around the Downtown Pomona Art Colony. Once selected, the artwork will be displayed on the Metro Pomona website which receives three million hits per year, be featured in ads, newspapers, magazines and commercials.

Submit your designs by Noon May 24th.

Click here to view all the specifications.

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