Friday, March 19, 2010


Soon the DPOA will begin installing survellience cameras in strategic areas of downtown Pomona. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve and to keep downtown Pomona safe these cameras will be used for identification purposes as well as monitoring downtown activity.

Metro Pomona is a zero tolerance area for crime, and that includes tagging, vandalism, panhandling, and all other "quality of life" offenses. The cameras to be used will pick up a license plate number from 2 blocks away and will easily photograph any event taking place in the vicinity. The Pomona Police Department will have access to these cameras as well as Metro Security. All images are water marked and admissable in a court of law. The cameras are just another tool the DPOA is using to keep downtown Pomona safe and clean. Youth caught on camera violating the law will be identified through various means and will be prosecuted and made to make restitution for their acts.'re on candid camera.


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