Sunday, January 31, 2010

DPOA Receives Maintenance Contract from VPD

Farmers markets, Second Saturday Art Walk, Antique Collector's Street Fair, Christmas Parade, Miss Pomona Pageant, Fresh Air Flicks, Dodger Day, Metro Night Out, Summer Concerts, and other events are not the only function the DPOA performs for downtown Pomona. The organization also provides 24/7 security in the form of Pomona Police Officers and private security. But wait, there's more...the DPOA also provides maintenance and cleanup to the downtown by power washing sidewalks, emptying trash recepticles, leaf blowing, graffiti removal, weeding, and irrigation, but that's not all...The DPOA also involves itself, on behalf of downtown, in City ordinances, Parking District decisions, Planning Commission decisions, and other city commissions as an advocate for the rights of and the best interests of downtown property owners, merchants, businesses, and residents. And now we can add one more item to the list. Beginning March 1, 2010 the DPOA will take on the cleanup, and landscape maintenance in all VPD (Vehicle Parking District) lots. Under contract with the City of Pomona, via the VPD, the DPOA will insure that all VPD lots be free of litter, planters weeded and irrigated, shrubs and trees trimmed and in general make the lots more inviting to visitors and locals alike.


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