Sunday, November 8, 2009


Saturday, November 14, 2009, also known as 2nd Saturday, the 3rd Annual Chalk Art Festival will take place in downtown Pomona's Thomas Plaza at West Second Street and Thomas. This year the event will be huge, with over 320 K-12 kids from all over Pomona. Ten professional artists will participate as well. Every square inch of space inside Thomas Plaza as well as the sidewalk in front of and behind "Lake Pomona" will be utilized. A word of caution to local residents... do not park in the first row of spaces behind Lake Pomona or on Second Street in front of Lake Pomona, these areas will be cordoned off to give the kids a safe space to do their artistic work.

This year the weather promises to cooperate, so there's no reason not to come by to support the kids. For many of these kids this is the biggest event in their young lives, so let's all give them a big Metro Pomona welcome and support their hard


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