Saturday, February 28, 2009

Red Cup Society

Secret Society Goes Public.......

They say, "Well behaved women rarely make history," but did you know that from the very beginning of time itself, one group of visionary (and slightly misbehaving) women have helped shape the very fabric of humanity?

Who convinced Adam that the "apple-tini" was a great idea?

Who dared George Washington to stand up in the boat?

Who whispered into Einstein's ear, "smart is sexy?"


Who told Lincoln that black is a very slimming color?

That's right, the RED CUP SOCIETY!

Now, the Red Cups have come to the Arts Colony. You may also know them as those "BROADS" (Benevolent Royal Order of Art Darlings). The darlings can be seen throughout the Colony, blazing a trail of interest and intrigue wherever they go. They may pop up at city functions, chamber mixers, at a swank local watering hole, or the pancake breakfast at the American Legion Hall.

The "official" function of the Red Cup Society is to serve as an arts fundraising auxiliary, but their scope of presence is far more expansive. Comprised of vivacious, creative, energetic and (dare we say) HOT women of the West End, the darlings motto is, "It's not the size of your cup, it's how you fill it up."

Join the Red Cup Society each Last Saturday for festivities in the Red Cup Lodge, located in the basement of the dA Center for the Arts at 7:00pm. Guided Art Colony Tours begin after refreshments. You never know what you'll get on a Red Cup tour. You may be treated to an intimate interview with an artist at work on a new project, or an impromptu dance contest at the Farmer's Market.

The legend of Red Cup Society is as old as time itself. Rumor has it these influential ladies were even present when Christopher Columbus discovered America. One of the darlings looked over the bow and said, "Chris, this looks like a good spot for a shindig!"

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