Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chili Cook-Off Results!

The winner of the first annual chili cook-off at the dba256 wine bar and gallery is,....(drum roll here), Dano! Along with a trophy comes bragging rights for the next year! Congratulations Dano!

This year's cook-off judges were David Allen and Larry Egan. The judges tasted and re-tasted the entries.., all entries were worthy of an award ! The tasting was blind, the judges had no idea who's chili they were tasting. A big thank you to David for taking time out of his day to participate.

There were two other winners as well; Second place went to Colin, coincidentally co-owner of the dba256, and the People's Choice award went to Tibbi, Pomona's beer guru. Apparently the gang at dba256 really know their chili.

There were several entries, all of them winners!

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